training pelatihan machinery diagnostic murah

Training Vibration Information & Fundamentals of Rotating Machinery Diagnostics

PELATIHAN MACHINERY DIAGNOSTIC : Vibration Information & Fundamentals of Rotating Machinery Diagnostics

training pelatihan machinery diagnostic  murah


People will learn to read and interpret vibration data plots and to recognize common rotating machinery malfunctions. Students will develop these abilities by gaining understanding of the fundamental principles that govern rotating machinery vibration. Application of these principles will enable students to understand the basic root causes of machinery malfunctions and their corrective actions. Multiple hands-on labs will give students opportunity to practice their skills using real machine case histories and lab stations equipped with rotor kits and advanced diagnostic instruments. See Outline for more.



To provide the knowledge and skills to better operate, maintain, manage, diagnose and design rotating machinery using vibration information and fundamentals of rotating machinery diagnostics.



  1. The Fundamentals of Vibration
  • Basic Vibration Signal
  • Displacement / Velocity / Acceleration
  • Vibration Vectors
  • Frequence
  • Amplitude
  • Phase
  • Vibration of Machines
  • Phase Measurement Workshop
  1. Interpreting Vibration Data Plots
  • Steady State Plots: Timebase, Orbit, Average Shaft Centerline Plots
  • Start-up and Shutdown Plots: Bode, Polar, APHT
  • Spectrum Plots
  • Trend Plots
  • Vibration Plot Workshop
  1. 3. Static and Dynamic Rotor Response
  • The Rotor System Model and the Forces Acting on the Rotor
  • Dynamic Stiffness and Rotor Behavior
  • Single Plane Balancing
  • Single Plane Balancing Workshop
  • Modes of Vibration
  • Anisotropic Stiffness
  1. Introduction to Machinery Malfunction Diagnosis
  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment and High Radial Loads
  • Rubs and Looseness
  • Fluid-Induced Instabilities (Oil Whirl and Oil Whip)
  • Shaft Cracks



Rotating equipment engineers, operators, vibration analysts and technicians, supervisors and managers responsible for operation, maintenance and reliability of rotating equipment, OEM designers of rotating equipment who require knowledge of the root causes of vibration and the mechanisms that lead to harmful malfunctions



  • 10 – 12 April 2018
  • 17 – 19 Juli 2018
  • 18 – 20 September 2018
  • 16 – 18 Oktober 2018
  • 26 – 28 Desember 2018

*Jadwal tersebut dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan calon peserta



  • Jakarta, Hotel Amaris Kemang (6.500.000 IDR / participant)
  • Bandung, Hotel Golden Flower (6.500.000 IDR / participant)
  • Yogyakarta, Hotel Dafam Malioboro (6.000.000 IDR / participant)
  • Bali, Hotel Ibis Kuta (7.500.000 IDR / participant)
  • Lombok, Hotel Jayakarta (7.500.000 IDR / participant)



Investasi pelatihan selama tiga hari tersebut menyesuaikan dengan jumlah peserta (on call).
*Please feel free to contact us.
Apabila perusahaan membutuhkan paket in house training, anggaran investasi pelatihan dapat menyesuaikan dengan anggaran perusahaan.



  • FREE Airport pickup service (Gratis Antar jemput Hotel/Bandara)
  • FREE Akomodasi Peserta ke tempat pelatihan .
  • Module / Handout
  • Flashdisk
  • Sertifikat
  • FREE Bag or bagpackers (Tas Training)
  • Training Kit (Dokumentasi photo, Blocknote, ATK, etc)
  • 2xCoffe Break & 1 Lunch, Dinner
  • FREE Souvenir Exclusive



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